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You could make the argument that a huge amount of cross cultural awareness already exists in people’s minds, but it is in an unusable form. It is on the tip of the mind waiting for someone to put it into words. Much of what The Corporate GenomeSM TM does, is just that only more. It goes past putting things into words and puts things into helpful visuals and demonstrations. It takes the just-beyond-the-mind’s-grasp and makes it concrete and easy-to-hold.


Module 1
People Skills Are Not Optional
Connecting with a variety of people is key to your personal success. Learn how changes in our world make cross-cultural skills increasingly important. Your role in the course, navigation instructions and the resources are explained.

1. Welcome
2. What's the Course About
3. Small World
4. The Bridge

Module 2
People Are Puzzling
Recognizing the power of each person's uniqueness will open doors of opportunity for you. Learn the factors that make up your own and others' personal "cultural prints". Through role plays, practice the discovery of these factors.

1. Sizing People Up
2. What is Culture?
3. What's the Focus?
4. Simulation: Getting to Know Elaine
5. Joe & Elaine Meeting

Module 3
People Skills Are Learnable and Transferable
Learn the fundamentals for success in any cross-cultural experience. These skills can become as natural as breathing. Differentiate between making observations and drawing conclusions. Discover how perceptions influence communication and how to remain objective in uncertain situations.

1. Crossing Cultures
2. Managing Perceptions
3. Building Skills
4. Helping Robert Prepare

Module 4
Understanding Puzzling Behavior
Understanding the rationale behind another person's behavior minimizes frustration. For greater effectiveness learn how to appreciate and validate those different from yourself. Learn how your organization's values are demonstrated in a multi-cultural marketplace.

1. Solutions or Time Wasters
2. Values: Affective & Closure Tendencies
3. Demonstrating Values Differently
4. Simulations: Getting to Know the Supplier
5. Putting it Into Action

Module 5
Identifying with Prejudice
Discovering your "hot buttons" creates greater empathy with others. Learn how to be proactive, not just reactive about prejudice. Differentiate between prejudice, malice and naivete. Discover practical solutions to prejudice and how to adjust to differences without compromising your core values.

1. Snap Judgements
2. Dynamics of Prejudice
3. Realities of Prejudice
4. Solutions to Prejudice
5. The Adjustment Process

Module 6
Build Trust Through Natural Communication
Communicate to make a difference. Learn how to build a trust bridge with anyone in the world by determining where you are and others like to "swim" in the communication "aquarium". Discover how diversity brings synergy to every team.

1. Different Languages
2. The Aquarium
3. Estimating and Observing Styles
4. Unleashing the Power
5. Using the Aquarium

Module 7
Making Wise Decisions
Succesfully complete your assigned role in The Corporate GenomeSM TM. Determine where and how you will apply the course materials. Gain practical tips on how to keep these concepts alive as a life-long learner.

1. Review and Prepare
2. Simulation: Getting to Know President Bairtza
3. Action Plan



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