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Customized Results
Who are you? What do you need? Our experience has shown us clients with an amazing range of needs. There are different dynamics, different pressures, different goals, and different budgets. So how has CDAWN Learning been able to score the results businesses like yours are looking for time after time? It begins with the idea that some truths are foundational. It also begins with the ability to customize. Here are our methods of engaging our clients. Often they are used separately, but best result occur when these methods are blended…

Consulting starts with a strategic review of your organization: who are you, what are your issues, etc. This leads to a customized plan for navigating and addressing your issues. It can also include training.

Our approach to consulting fleshes out many of the concepts introduced in the “Approach,” and “The Corporate GenomeSM TM ” sections of this website. The strength of consultation is that we can tailor and weigh our approaches in real time, concentrating our attention where most appropriate, when most appropriate.

Recently, we worked with a multi-billion dollar, international company with 50+ plants in 17 countries including 192,000 employees to develop a strategic road map to increase shareholder value by building cross cultural bridges between individuals around the world.

Our consulting services can be purchased in blocks of time by the hour, day, or days over a period of time.

Workshops -
Our Workshop can work in two ways. It can either be offered as a means of equipping your staff with the understanding that will enhance their working relationships, or it can be the result of consultation and auditing in which we work on issues specifically related to your business. Workshops vary in length and depth depending on the degree to which your team interacts. They also depend on the level of management's active involvement.

We can alter our standard workshops to your needs or develop custom workshops to specifically address the uniqueness of your people and your organization.






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