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E-Learning is dynamic learning
E-learning is CDAWN’s acknowledgment that clients who are serious about positive, profitable team dynamics need tools to provide structure and keep training fresh in the mind. Whether you're looking for a booster course to maintain the productivity that came from CDAWN’s consulting and/or seminars, or you’re a newcomer to CDAWN Learning, our e-learning tools will give you the insight and approaches that you need to move forward.

The Corporate Genome
"The Corporate GenomeSM TM is an award winning e-Learning resource that gets results. Using the latest training techniques, see how role playing in non-risk environments can improve productivity. Understand the dynamics of personality in the workplace and how it effects productivity. Do it all at your own pace."


What is Blended Learning?

When working with CDAWN Learning, Blended Learning is a phrase you’re likely to hear from time to time. Its definition is simple. It refers to a longer lasting, deeper learning made possible through experience. Our seminars, our consulting, The Corporate GenomeSM TM, and our Facilitator’s Guide work together with you to create the best learning environment and situation for your team. Personalizing the experience to specific needs and issues of your organization enables all participants to make immediate application of the concepts taught.

Facilitators Guide
If you’re ready to move from gaining insight to actively improving your workplace, the Facilitor’s Guide is the key. This is the tool that allows you to move from learning to facilitating application. This guide will direct you in promoting discussion around the principles taught in The Corporate Genomesm tm. Even non-experienced facilitators will find this guide user-friendly.





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