Participants will know:

• That cross-cultural skills
  apply to every arena of life
• What those skills are
• That they have prejudices
• That others approach life
  from different perspectives
  that may be equally valid
• Their core unbendable

Participants will feel:

• Affirmed and validated
  as people
• Empathy and greater   tolerance toward others
• Confident and motivated
  to practice what was
  learned in the training
  and make changes in
  their interactions
  with others

Participants will...

• Act in response to the
  content of the course
• Practice the skills learned
  in the course in all
• Actively seek information
  and input from a diverse
  group of people on a
  routine basis

“…after experiencing the new course material, with its clever use of role
plays and simulations, we found that we could get most of the learning
and retention benefits of the live seminar approach at considerably less
expense. Our folks could take the course at their leisure, without disruptive
and expensive travel, and we still accomplished our learning goals. Our
skepticism has been replaced with support. Cdawn Learning has made
believers out of our team. …the more people that experience it, the more
business impact we think it will have. We have seen actual behavioral change
from using Wayne and Cindy's material in the past, and now we can impact
many more folks with a lot less effort and expense."

-EDS Executive

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