We’ve combined robust content, instructional design and
proven technology to deliver an “e” solution that is
highly interactive and multi-media rich.

The latest training techniques and delivery methods have created many role plays and simulations enhancing participation and performance in a non-risk environment. Success in the course encourages practice of the principles in real life.

Higher retention is achieved by accommodating varied learning styles, schedules and availability, individualized pace and engaging more of the senses. Employees periodically review this practical course, leading to life-long learning.

The educational approach and content of the Corporate Genome can be delivered via

  • A self-paced rich multimedia CD-ROM     course

  • A blending of the CD-ROM course and
    small group sessions with your in-house

  • Highly effective and popular interactive
    live workshops conducted by qualified     CDAWN personnel

CDAWN Learning will help you identify the right combination and methodologies for
your organization.

*Facilitator’s Guide for The
Corporate GenomeSM TM is available


Developed by Mentergy Inc.
with the Quest 6.0 authoring tool,
the course is delivered on six CD-ROM’s
and requires less than 40 MB of
available hard drive space.

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